Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last Call For Atheists: Ephesians 5:15 (KJV) See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise...

Inspired by an *Atheist friend, no NOT one you might think or trolls on youtube - an actual lifetime friend. Now there's a novel idea! He recently un-friended me on facebook:( When we met in the Church yard 40 years ago...{looking for trouble} Who knew-we would end our friendship like this as fully mature adults?! I'm forever saddened over the harsh remarks made vice-versa, over a misunderstanding. I can forgive him for that, although I will never forget to my dying day; God have mercy and the reason I'm writing this post to save souls - including my own!

As {My Friend} was a confessed Atheist once upon a time, I'm not so sure he still is, having been diagnosed with ALS a few years ago, also known as; Lou Gehrig's Disease‎. I believe he has matured to some form of spiritual belief, having gone to 'Native Sweat lodges' for healing/ cleansing... and continues regularly indefinitely, there's something to be said for that^ having survived thus far} as ALS victims usually perish within 2 years or less, and he's well past the expected mortality rate, miraculously I would say despite him, by the grace of the Almighty 'God' or 'The Creator' as often referred to in North American Aboriginal Tribes... and or New Agers say; 'The Source'

This was my back yard age 8 to 18...

I grew up in that environment surrounded by the 'Cree Nation', Largest Native Reservation Band in all of Canada, Including Northern SK 'Dene Peoples', where they interlocked at times-literally, along with so called; Whitemen & Half Breeds, Metis minorities, while I had an amazing childhood, as my Bio indicates, it was equally harsh, being the 'token white kid' by appearance & habit {pun intended...*wink. I was NEVER racist however, I knew that I was different, and so did they, more ways than one! As a PK {Preacher's Kid - No less, gave me 1st hand insight to racism & discrimination during my formative years... All Saints Anglican Church in Lac LaRonge, SK... was the last time I attended services regularly in the 70's. However... I digress!

We ALL share this rock floating in space... ultimately regardless of color or creed. No I'm not a Preacher, just a humble Watcher... spreading the word with many stories to share, maybe a book someday - if I ever get around to it. His blood brother {Atheist friend's} Bro gave me one of those once; "a round to-it" haha... was also a good friend lost to facebook... like brother like brother?! He was non-atheist! Although parted ways over something far less debatable- go figure! Maybe I should boycott facebook?! Numerous reasons why we should!

The irony is, I've since discovered in my early adult years, on through to now age 52, that our family tree, history has Mohawk blood in our not too distant past, dating back to approximately mid 1700's known as the; Seven Years' War. But that's another story, no less - not that long ago... in comparison to biblical times. As we all have bloodlines dating back to the beginning of time, indisputably, we're all brothers & sisters in the end, whatever your belief system is - it inevitably boils down to; 'The End Days'; See mini documentary video that is literally saving souls-believe it or not!}}}

That said^ Many races have come to know the Holy Bible KJV, and the MANY books within it, or around it - with stories overlapping the spoken word-heritage of the great flood, as told by every culture & religion on earth, before, during & after! Giving merit to all ancient texts, including biblical or otherwise, complimenting / validating... the teachings of the one and only Jesus Christ... Any amount of serious research with sound rational thinking, and discernment will prove super-natural existence, in context... both spiritually & scientifically! Matthew 7:7 "Seek and Ye shall find" But why the *King James Authorized Version? Here's your answer.

Not to mention the undeniable prophecies foretold by the Good Books, about the days of old from the scriptures {2nd to none} accurately describing 100's & 1000's of years apart, past, present & future events upon us^^ with court of law standards of evidences used to this day, as outlined in previous posts - complete with reference links below, if this is not enough... go from there where you will, as the time is always nigh... so I suggest we all put our personal differences aside, as JC... paid the ultimate price, and if I were a betting man, I'd bet he's not going to be very happy upon his return, and my money, or rather lack of it... is on him! "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." {Do not mistake 'meekness' for 'weakness' C+Live & Love

FTR... I don't push anything that I don't invest in myself BTW, and I can't think of anything more valuable than one's soul^ Petition, Prevent, Prepare...and there's no shame in PRAYING!

Last Call For Atheists:  Ephesians 5:15 (KJV)  See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise; References: