Sunday, April 30, 2017

ww3 is here...

Indeed it is, and did Trump start it? Not a chance! However, he just might finish it - not that he has much choice, other than to decide who will launch the first nuke starting a chain of events that will leave no winners in ww3...

So who started it if not @realDonaldTrump @POTUS ? Well I would argue it started with Bush Jr. on 9/11. And no,

I don't think it was him personally that started it - but he certainly knows the truth behind the biggest false flag of our time, and is guilty as sin, as he sat in that classroom reading fairy tales to children, pretending nothing was happening?!

Oh that's right... he didn't want to frighten the kids... I wonder what those same kids think now a decade and a half+ later??

Ok... so now Trump is a monster for launching Tomahawk Missiles into a Syrian air strip {while the war mongers jump for joy} reportedly storing chemical weapons there that supposedly Syrian President; Bashar al-Assad was reported by @CNN = Comedy News Network & others, to have unleashed on his own people?! Not just this time during Trump's first 100 days... but back in Obombya's {pun intended} reign... when he drew the infamous *Red line, that's been crossed many times since... and proven to have been the Rebels supported by U$A... that were guilty of those atrocities - hence, who is the real monsters here??!!

Personally I think Trump did the right thing - and it was NOT based on his daughter's advice OR pictures of innocent babies incinerated, as there's no shortage of those over decades! But rather intelligence - no matter who was responsible for the use of those chemical weapons in question, were in fact being stored in that air strip location. Just based on logic. Hearing & reading from the horses mouths;

Here's the transcript from the teleSUR sit down interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Use logic to determine your own conclusions. No matter what anyone thinks they know about him or Syria^^^^^ Then listen to Dr. @StevePieczenik {Someone who has been there, and worked for white hat CIA over 4+ admins^^^^^

Now what about {Kim Gone DUMB} = hiding in his *Designated Underground Military Bases?! As he not only threatens to Nuke U$A repeatedly, play on words intended^^^^ Now threatening - Australia/New Zealand & Hawaii? Good luck with that Zuckerfaces {So much for the facetwit elites hiding in those locals} Haha...

But is he really dumb?? Or just a "really spoiled brat" like Major Ed Dames aka Dr Doom claims he is?! Things that make ya go; "Hmmm" Talk about a FukuShima {Not funny!!

What's the bottom line we might ask? Well, there's certainly things about Trump's administration that bother me, while I'm sure my concerns pale in comparison to the reality Trump faces every day!

Although perhaps equally so^^ I have no doubt he is doing his absolute BEST he can to prevent an ALL OUT nuclear holocaust that the {left right paradigm} seems to want so badly!

And as I saw it tweeted by someone recently... "The best thing about Trump's first hundred days is - they were not Hillbillary's first 100 days!!!!" end paraphrase.

The bottom line IMHO is that; "ww3 is here, and nukes will be flying sooner than later, and I don't envy Trump's job to decide who shoots first & last^^^^

My only advice is; "Don't Be Afraid - Prepare & Pray" ~C+


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