Monday, March 7, 2016

Once Was Lost, But Now Dumbfounded...

A follow-up to my previous post:

My ole friend *Murphy, fought ALS to the great beyond. He won! Here are his last words on facebook, I'm sure he would not mind if I shared^ as he would have said;
"No doubtin aboutin"

"goodbye folks.....its a good life if you dont violet light
go not gentle into that darkk night...its been a long struggle and i fought hard .a coward dies a million deaths, the valiant dies but at peace with my soul, and im not religious...."
end quote. Oct.23/2015 & Graduated Nov.1/2015.

Sadly, he/we never recorded together - life got in the way... I always say!

Remembering the times we only had one guitar, sometimes his, and sometimes mine, and took turns playing song for song til the sun came up or the rain fell down... Of course many times we both had guitars between the lines, jammed over 40 beers & years, totaled cars & guitars, with no fear, tears & many camp fire cheers.

He inspired me to write and play my own tunes, as he did to, not for fame or fortune, just for the love of music - So with that, it's not good-bye, only til next time - as Dylan would say *don't think twice, cause it's alright* was the first tune I ever learned from you!

And this being one of the last songs I wrote... dedicated to loved ones! Thanks for giving me the gears & lending me your ears over the years man... I know Jr will carry on your legacy with your guitars and then some!

Sincerely, Music Alias;

Soon after, another life-long friend *Vince, my brother from another mother left us behind... due to a sudden heart attack. We grew up together, and then some! One of my fondest memories, we we're 10/11 years old, and went looking for trouble at the local camp grounds early fall...

We had the whole facility to ourselves, and built a make shift fort out of small logs in the firewood shelter - nothing fancy... just stacked up, however well hidden... After all our hard work, both of us fell asleep in there before dark!

Obviously our parents freaked - and had no idea where we were, but leave it to his Dad... somehow sniffed us out well into the night, waking us up. Needless to say we were dumbfounded! Many good memories from then on!!

His celebration of life was on Jan.19/2016. Say hi to our loved ones for me Bro's... See ya all of a sudden, after this roller coaster ride we call life, and one of the first songs I ever wrote in 1988;

Originally dedicated to my Late Parents & Blood Bro *Rest Your Souls Eternally {RYSE^^^^ ~C+
With condolences to both their, Wives & Extended family and loved ones left behind!