Monday, March 7, 2016

Trump-mania 2016

Are Trump supporters angry? Is Trump angry? Yes on both counts - but I also heard him say "DON'T HURT THEM" following the "GET THEM OUT" and U$A chants by thousands, to the race baiters & haters, that were being disruptive, and escorted out after planting themselves among 'standing room only' Trump supporters... to protest?! 

That's just asking for trouble! How about if those few dozen at best, some with {Sanders hats} & KKK branding, protest outside the venue vs thousands of supporters inside?! MAKE SENSE??!! 

Would you stand in protest, as christians were fed to the lions inside the coliseum, with a sirloin steak on your head as the alternative?! I doubt it!! 

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Extreme example yes, but the same in principle. Just like claims being made he won't disavow the KKK???!!! Well, he has numerous times - how many times will it take before they M$M stop trying to dig up dirt on him that isn't there?! If you can't spot a staged 'white supremist in the crowd' GLWT^^^^ Get the facts straight here @ Channel CVMCo88

Revolutions are not pretty, and it's going to get a lot uglier than Trump - trust me on that statement... and while there is a mix of socialism & capitalism in the U$A - they've never had one or the other complete... putting the word 'democrat or republican' in front of either or - does not change the meaning of either. We're under tyrannical attack now!!!

While Sanders has recently admitted - he will support Hillary in the end, feel the Bern?! That, goes against what he was suppose to stand for 'independent of the party' when he's in fact now committed to the status quo above all else! Stated by former Gov. Jesse Ventura... as he {JV} is considering a 3rd party run. Read more...

Only time will tell if the same is true of Donald J Trump; Read more... while the rest of the world leaders short of Isreal & Putin have come out agaisnt him^ including the Pope?! Tells me, Trump must be doing something right - short of the popular vote which apparently means nothing from state to state... Again, as I've said many times recent, if we even see another election...

If you want a truly independent study of Trump, see my article complete with links to un bias TRUTH @ then ask yourself, who really cares about the U$A...?

"A criminal waiting indictment? Or a successful businessman? Or an atheist former Gov?"

~C+Stay Truthful My Friends!


Trump quotes

"Drop the traitor from a plane into the middle of Syria without a parachute! We got him in exchange for 5 top level terrorists O'bomb'ya released" & "Bring back water-boarding, and kill terrorist family members!" End paraphrases^
I'm not so sure those are statements I would have made public or recommended! However... truth be told; Here are 76 campaign promises Trump made according to the Washington post; Read more...