Thursday, April 28, 2016

The 'War On Religion' Is A Hoist On One's Own Petard..."A Firefighter's Prophecy"

You can choose to go through life with rose colored glasses on, or stop and tend to the real rose garden...
Some choose to believe all we see and do, is a fluke of evolution, having evolved billions of years due to an explosion from nothing?! Or worse... 'Evil Lucion' so eloquently documented by; Trey Smith's video series... On the theory of everything, 

Better known as the "Big Bang" This begs the infamous question; What was before the 'big bang' nothing? "Nothing is impossible" {double meanings} Nothing could be further from the truth. ^Those statements are logically used for the word; {nothing} facetiously. You can see many logical examples in context, yet it's impossible to do or have nothing. 

Even at rest - we are breathing, thinking, sleeping & dreaming, we have our thoughts in mind, spirit, body & soul! One of my favorite quotes from a wise Professor I knew is; "When I appear to be doing nothing, is when I'm most busy" end paraphrase. What's on the other side of the wall or known universe, nothing?!

Yes, we evolve within our limited life span as humans being, along side creatures great & small, then devolve as this physical plain deteriorates, to God knows where! But that bucket of bolts in your garage is not going to morph into a stretch limo in billions of years, or the dust bunnies in your bedroom, into playboy/girl bunnies - maybe if you sell your soul, glwt^^^^

Regardless of what side of infinity you choose, where does 'conscience' come from before birth, and where does it go after death?! It's undeniable that logical thought & reasonable discernment, is the one thing underlying any opinion or thesis by the very nature and complexity of life. It's not correct to say; "by that logic" or by "Your logic". You either use 'logic defined' or you don't.  As Trey Smith does at all angles using scientific proof. It is what it is^ absolutely!

Nothing can be more petarded when someone says; "there's a war on religion". Or they don't believe in religion, or claim they are not religious?! Everything we do from morning to night, is a religious ritual by birth right, whether you worship in a church/temple or stare at yourself in a mirror. Take your pic, it lasts longer. {Pun intended. Singing Bob Dylan's; "Gotta Serve Somebody" 

I used to follow and play hockey religiously! Now I just catch highlights, and haven't skated in years. Does that make me Anti-Iceist?! {I know - not a word, haha} but you get the point. It's ridiculous, if not childish, in the way kids would say; "My Dad is tougher than Your Dad!" It's easy to see, when we take the blinders off, and leave your ego at the door, it's about 'wrong or right' with God's given moral compass... if you're a poor loser or break the rules, the gloves come off^^^ Did God create conflict & wars or did we, with the fallen ones?! It boils down to true will power choices...

Logic dictates, everything we do is religious, whether you believe in God, gods {or} Planet of the Apes. Many documented prophecies {and or} species have undeniably come to pass, and many remain to be seen. We co-exist!! Time always tells in the end or beginning as it were, and will inevitably be. Everything from Biblical and ancient history, to the Buddha- predicting the coming of Jesus Christ 500BC years prior, has merit to the say the very least, complimenting our past, present & future. If you don't understand something, then stand under it... short of being a 'nimrod'. In reality or fantasy, it is ALWAYS about 'good vs evil'. As is religion; Read more...

To use the phrase from the movie/series; Highlander; "There can be only one!" end quote.

"The 'War On Religion' Is A Hoist On One's Own Petard..." {See phrase on it's meaning or metaphors defined here. Words are important, no matter what language you speak or abuse! From Adam & Eve to Shakespeare, "to be or not to be," War Of The Worlds or Star Wars, "May the force be with you!" end quotes.

That said, this edited version of; Retired Lieutenant Firefighter; Mark Taylor's Prophecy is very profound. No matter what your beliefs, we'll see soon enough, if walls are built or blown up, from here to kingdom come! 

Sincerely, ~C+