Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Buying & Selling For Barter or Trade;

For what?! You might ask^ Okey dokey, let's humor that thought or question... and answer with a few more questions! What is the value of the money you have in the bank or in your wallet, or purse for that matter? What is the face value of that paper or coins you have in your pocket or pouch?

Perhaps you have invested in physical silver or gold? Where will you cash those holdings in or trade for food & water when the economy, power grid collapses or God forbid nuclear war, or act of nature brings the 99+ so called clean nuclear energy plants down in the U$A like Fukushima in a single day or night?! Maybe you could get some energy from burning that paper money? Or melting your silver & gold into usable tools?

Or if you educate yourself on the subject of mono-atomic gold dust, then you could at least eat it and prolong your life...{apparently denied to all of us since ancient times, until those lucky enough to have internet access... how long will that last?! Start here expand your knowledge & power beyond your wildest dreams?! MAYBE^ From Anunnaki to Zeta Talk - what do you believe in?!

Family & Friends?? Mansions on the hill & Mercedes Benz?? Shifting gears or Pole Shifting Ends??

What makes you happy? The size of your bank account? Or the size of your food bank? "FOOD BANK?? That's for poor people isn't it?!" Yup, been there done that, yes I have - I also know what it's like to "dumpster dive" to keep your family alive in the city at the BEST OF TIMES, when Mother's & Fathers were respected not denied!

That was over 20 years ago, and yes I'm counting my blessings to this day^^^ The 1% are counting & investing as well, in sustainable farms now - why? Because when their money is worth NOTHING... they will have FOOD! We are all caught in this paradigm shift... and imaginary rift!!!! Ask

One thing no-one can deny "Good & Evil" - do exist, you can argue over w5-who, what, when, where & why or... How about we ALL start appreciating the gift we call life with sustainable living, instead of misgivings?!

Here's a stanza by;

Nourish Mother Nature - like Johnny apple seed, he planted apples for miles GMO free... Not buying & selling for barter or trade, no Dr. in sight for treatment or first aid... What are you buying? silver & gold? What are you selling? Me or your soul?! Life is not precious metal you hold - nor the age you die or grow old... The spice of life and everything nice, is what you give for not the price!

Food for thought, and everything not!!! ~C+