Saturday, August 2, 2014

HEADLINES: Headlines and more headlines...WW3 I$ ONLINE!

HEADLINES... Indeed, no shortage of headlines to choose from! It's been awhile since I updated my personal blog, 10 months give or take - too many irons in the fire?! Perhaps, but here's one of many headlines for us to consider, inspired by a new mentor of mine;  Meet if you don't know, I've featured frequently over this past year^

However...whether it's used or not - I came up with this one..."WW3 I$ ONLINE!" Hmmm really?! Sure why not - when you consider all the propaganda being tossed out there on the "tangled webs we weave". How the HELL-O or HEAVEN-HI are we suppose to know what's FACT or flat-out B$ propaganda??!! In turn motivated me to start my own newspaper online to try separate the Bull from the Birds. *wink While fighting with never ending paid TROLL$ DI$ INFORMING the general public from the top down, or bottoms up - as the case may be. $o you can imagine how much time is wasted or $pent in that effort ALONE!

CLICK HERE to see my latest Headlines, taking a GOOD percentage of my time now as well... with my first week of publishing now behind me; @CVMCo "The Burning Sun", I ask for your support in this cause. I am but a one man operation, waging WAR online in the name of PEACE! As my mentor has said many times; "It starts with one person at a time"

That said; I for one, am pretty good at knowing the difference between what anyone can believe, or know what to put in question - whether it comes from so called "established, or corporate media fraud" {and or} the growing number of independent bloggers {myself included} I've read estimates of approximately 20 to 25 million bloggers, are grappling for attention... far LE$$ in the name of TRUTH... sad but true!

So I think it's safe to say, there's a definite case to be made for information overload, and as 'Alex Jones' of INFOWARS says best, whether you like him or not - or don't know him from Adam; "There's a war on for your mind" end quote. One of many... I follow well over 50 non MSM news feeds in the pursuit of absolute truth... that led to me starting; let the truth set you free among others *a MU$T $EE for humanity!

With this in mind {pun intended, as usual - or play on words, as I am wont to do;-] While questionable, whether my decision to try keep the world's news in check, was a WI$E one or not... in keeping with my humble efforts to do so, under the acronym; CVMCo. "Christian Video Media Coalition" The verdict is still out on that^ after 25+ years since the dawning of the www - I always say; "Logic Dictates while COMMON CENT$ seems to be a foregone conclusion, RARE $EN$E$ must prevail" {Pardon puns^

Nonetheless, I'm sure you would agree, that I'm in the thick of ww3 online^ with my many entities / domains / web sites / blogs I have in the fight, with a baker's dozen {or so} $erious contenders... no less, being a watch dog of sorts {I guess you could say} While trying to keep what should be HEADLINE news, but all too often falls off the map, as Fuku-Shima has and Japan will literally cease to exist - let alone U$ ALL... surrounded by aging Nuke Plants, or should I say Nuked Plants?! Either way it's UNDENIABLE...

my top priority in life or what's left of it, and $HOULD remain in ALL HEADLINES until we get this ME$$ CLEANED-UP!! YE$ DOLLAR $IGN$ INCLUDED^^^^^^^"IT CAN BE DONE or YE$ WE ARE DONE"...

Along with the distractions of POWER $TRUGGLE$ WORLDWIDE - MI$$ING & $HOT DOWN PLANE$ - ENDLE$$ BODY COUNT$ from WAR PROFITEERING GAME$, THE GLOBAL ELITE$ PLAY. It'$ time again as my mentor $AY$; "TURN THE $WITCH OFF" and I $AY "TAKE OUR GREEN BACK$ BACK"!!!! view his intro to Fuku-Shima I made for the hearing impaired Click Here^>

$incerely, ~C+Peace
I'm not making any $ERIOU$ money at this BTW... Let alone making END$ meet - $o why do it you ask?! $imple - because human life is PRICELE$$, not to mention our KID'$, KID$... Don't be affraid; 
Petition, Prevent, Prepare & Pray; CLICK HERE opens NEW WINDOW of PRIORITY^