Friday, October 18, 2013

DOES ANYONE *C.A.R.E.? "Consider, All, Radiation, Exposure!"

With everything we are facing or looming here in Continental America, the U$A currency $ystem on the Brink$ {pardon puns} or the Fallout from Fukushima that is affecting namely the north/west coastal regions of Canada, & United States  or Worldwide for that matter,  It seems to me we are anything but UNITED anymore... if we ever were, as people in our respective countries. I originally coined the CARE acronym/reference to mean;
"Consideration, Attitude, Respect, Ethics"... for my kid's school, now their Motto^

"Daiichi Radioactivity" both air born & tons of nuclear water waste pouring into the ocean, hourly, and everything from our natural sun, to television, radio over decades, now glued to our pc/tablets [stupid phones], as they are only as smart as the person using them!

So I pose the question^ with the ever present threat of world war, and for all intense purpose - I believe we have been in ww3 since 9/11 if not before. As the metaphorical 'dooms day clock' ticks closer to that fateful day for which it's namesake was coined in 1947 during the Cold War, The Hot War is upon us more ways than one - while we are bombarded {since 3/11 as F'Daiichi is now known as} the constant flow of nuclear waste continues daily to affect the northern hemisphere depicted in the video sidebar >>>

If that's not bad enough, we are surrounded by numerous similar aging nuclear reactors in the U$A, leaking coast to coast with stock piles of waste we have no-where to dispose of - while Fukushima continues to blanket America and beyond with TLC???!!! With our so called leaders suppressing the TRUTH of what we are all exposed to for generations to come, in the name of monopoly money they manipulate us with^

Personally I think the infamous dooms day clock eye {yes I'm a punny guy} is closer than it's controllers currently have it set 5 minutes to, as I've depicted closer, just under 3 minutes to the hour of reckoning in my graphic bloodshot clock eye...

Click to see [UPDATES]  "On Future Fukushima Consequences"
The Doomsday Clock Symposium was November 14, 2013, it was a daylong event that was open to the public and featured panelists discussing various issues on the theme "Communicating Catastrophe." The most recent officially announced setting—five minutes to midnight (11:55 pm)—was made on January 14, 2013. Eye believe {puns intended} the time is much closer to doomsday!  {we'll see if my clock-eye is right}

The panel discussions, held at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, were steamed live from the Bulletin's website, and can still be viewed there. An announcement about whether the hands will move again will be made in January, 2014. Reflecting international events dangerous to humankind, the Clock's hands have been adjusted twenty times since its inception in 1947, when the Clock was initially set to seven minutes to midnight (11:53pm). 
I ask again;
"Does anyone C.A.R.E."?! - C+

Most under-rated band of all time! IMHO...
Eldest Young Brother/Producer of AC/DC
Don't Be Afraid * Prepare & Pray!