Saturday, October 12, 2013

Christian Introduction Bio...

So am I a religious man? Well, I think we all are in one way or another, and if you consider the number of hours I now have logged in front of a PC over 25+ years,

I suppose you could say I am a religious computer user, then again I think many of us can say that these days! I was not always a computer geek, in fact I grew up, in the far reaches of Northern Canada.

My Father (rest his soul) was a missionary bush pilot (survivalist), and I also obtained my private pilots lic. at age 17. We also built a fly in cNorthern Canada highlighted.amp “A” frame cabin, 50 air miles from the end of the road in Saskatchewan near the NWT, and with the current world state of affairs – I do believe I will be returning to my roots, in a similar location^^^ 

Now I realize most people don’t have the luxury of hopping into a plane and flying off into the wild blue yonder, including myself anymore. In spite of that fact, I do have the luxury of reflecting on that experience looking back very fondly on those memories...

Now having both feet firmly planted on the ground more ways than one, for a variety of reasons health wise and personal. If God wanted us to fly we would have been born with wings! Perhaps someday I will earn those wings, or if you are an evolutionist - you might believe we will grow some over time?! *wink

Yes my name is Christian, and by definition means follower of Christ. Now this does not mean I AM a Christian, though I do believe in the holy trinity; God The Father, Son & Holy Spirit / Christ Jesus., and in fact baptised as such. 

However, I do not follow any particular denomination or church, since an early age. Much more can and will be said on that topic here-in. God willing over time. That said...  ~C+Stay Faithful My Friends!
While good at playing the Devil's advocate, I believe I'm better at playing God's in so doing, I'll play both and the individual can decide which is best. The 'word'{s} is the important part of this digression {and or} digestion as the case may be in lieu of physically going to church as I don't, it is however - important what one eats to sustain life, not all food is good for you, nor the words we comprehend, it boils down to {the source} in which we receive albeit from {church or people } definition is one in the same^ where-ever one seeks good or not God.
Nonetheless, I do.